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Thursday, February 28, 2008

GRANDPA saves the Day

At our boys elementary school they have an annual tradition they call "Donuts with Dad". This tradition consists of inviting either your Dad, Grandpa, or Uncle to the school, before school starts, to read books and then enjoy a donut and juice. Because of Wades work schedule he hasn't been able to go with our boys, so they have taken their Grandpa Lindley. When I brought Colby home last week, with his chicken pox, the one thing he was upset about missing was his chance to go read books and have donuts with Grandpa. My adorable father-in -law knew Colby would be disappointed and called a few days ago to ask if it would be okay if he came to our house and read with Colby instead. He came yesterday morning with donuts, soda(even better than juice) and books in hand. He spent an hour reading and talking with Colby and then shared donuts and soda with Colby and Taylor. You can tell by the look on their faces that they had a great time. Once again, Grandpa saves the Day. This isn't the first time that Grandpa Lindley has come to our rescue and somehow, I know it won't be the last.


The Scott Family said...

Aaahhhhhhh, That is the sweetest thing ever. The boys are so blessed to have such a wonderful grandpa. How great to have such a wonderful person in your life!

The Pfau's said...

That is SO CUTE!! I just love Earl- I wish he was my grandpa too!

Laurel said...

Aww, lucky boys!! I have to say, though, that I got a gigantic kick of of them drinking their Dr. Pepper because when I went to visit my grandma, she always gave me soda cracker, cheese, and Coke--out of the bottles. That combination still reminds me of sitting in her kitchen.

I was giving Barques root beer to Griffin the other day at lunch and another mother said, "You know that has caffeine it, don't you?" I said yes, then thought, "You should've known my grandma!"