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Friday, March 7, 2008

Laundry Quandary

I have a serious problem. I don't mind doing laundry. But for some reason I hate sorting and folding socks. I'm sure it stems from my childhood... My mother must have had the same hatred and would let the socks gather until it was a completly overwhelming and undaunting task then she would give us the unrelenting job. BUT, not only would she pass it on to us, she would try to make it sound as though she was doing us a favor. She was sacrificing and doing the 'hard' part of the laundry and letting us do the 'easy' socks.
My husband mocks me and even asked at one point " why don't you just fold the socks with each batch and not let them pile up?"
In my mind I know I am completely irrational and yet, I hear myself defending the insanity of it all....
"Well that's just unheard of....If I do it that way, then I end up doing twice as much work because inevitably one of the socks is in one load and the other ends up in another load and ... and ... and... "
As I watch the smile spread across his face I can't help but smile myself and quietly accept defeat.
And yet here is the proof. I am a creature of habit.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Signs of Spring

Okay, I know that this is pathetic. It is not the fields of flowers you can find in California.It's not the green grass you would find in Arizona or Vegas right now. I know technically it hasn't even blossomed yet. But you have to cut me some slack.
When your front yard looks like this:

And your backyard looks like this:

You take what you can get.

Maybe if I took this off my porch ....

and this off my door,

It would help; What do you think?????

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

V is for Veterans

Last Wednesday Ryan had a class program for school. As you can see, it was Patriotic themed, and consisted of 20 minutes of singing and the kids each reciting a piece they had memorized. Ryan did a great job... but the highlight of the program was when a clock fell off the wall and bopped a poor little boy on the head. After sitting for a few minutes with an ice pack on his head he bravely joined his fellow classmates and even recited his part. As they say... the show must go on.