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Wade, Deanna, Ryan, Colby, Taylor and Mayley

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How we spent our SUMMER

(Warning : major picture overload.... and since my last blog they have changed the program and I can't move my pictures around where I want them any these aren't really in order)

We attended the Cache County Fair

Wade bought calves for each of the kids to bottle feed.

Ryan and Colby both enjoyed another season of baseball.

We also enjoyed the annual Lindley reunion where we, among other things, swam ,went bowling, ran races, ate lots of yummy food and had a great time socializing.

We enjoyed a visit from Grandma Scott, Aunt Debbi, Koben, Iris and Amara. The kids had great a great time playing together at the park, swimming at the Logan aquatic center, getting iceceam at Caspers, building forts in the backyard, building legos, watching movies and playing wii.

We spent a day at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, playing in the fountains and shopping.
Mayley is such a trooper...she was content just being pushed around in the stroller all summer.

Colby and Taylor took swim lessons...Ryan and Mayley enjoyed watching them and swimming in the outdoor pool.

Colby doing the back stroke.

Taylor practicing his kicks.


Ryan and Mayley.
We also attended the summer movie series at cinefour theatres, visited sveral different parks in the area...the boys slept in a tent in the backyard and went camping for three nights in the canyon with Wade. We ate smore's watched movies and had lots of fun... but when school started last week we were all ready for the routine that the school year provides.