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Friday, February 8, 2008

Tagged by -Claire

My sister-in-law Claire tagged me yesterday. I'm new to this whole tagged thing and am still undecided...I love reading about what others write when they are tagged so I will play along. Besides it really makes me think and refelct and that is always a good thing.
So here goes nothing....

What is the best thing you cooked last weekend? The best meal last weekend was the meal I didn't have to cook. Wade and I went out to dinner at this little diner called L.d.'s

If money, time, and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
the who is the easy part...I would love to travel with my husband. The where is a little harder.

I would have to say Austrailla. My husband served his mission there and now his brother and his wife are serving as mission president there. I love hearing about the places and people there and would love to experience it first hand. I would also love to visit italy, hawaii and paris.

When was the last time you cried?
sunday... I was talking with a group of my friends and we were laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Okay I know that's not exactly what you were going for but I haven't shed real croccodile tears for a long time. I honestly can't remember.

List 5 things you were doing 10 years ago. 1998- I was working at ICON health and fitness as assistant manager of payroll. Living in my inlaws house while they served a mission in New York. Teaching the 15-16 year old Sunday school class with Wade. Learning to drive a tractor...What can I say Wade was desperate for help. Mothering stray kittens we found at the barn.( glad that phase passed)

List 5 things you were doing 5 years ago. 2003- Being mom to a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Taking Ryan to preschool twice a week and storytime once a week at the library. Serving as the 1st counselor in the Primary presidency. Enjoying a monthly recipe club with friends. Going to an aerobics class.

List 5 things you were doing 1 year ago. 2007- being Mom to 7- year old Ryan, taking him to basketball practice, games and piano lessons. 5-year old Colby running him to and from preschool. 1- year old Taylorgoing to weekly storytime, dealing with ear infections and finally opting for tubes . Babysitting Jace a 9- month old little boy for friends. Serving as the Young Womens President. Getting together with friends every friday for scrapbooking and lunch.

List 7 of your favorite hobbies. Scrapbooking, reading, playing with my boys, spending alone time with my husband, having lunch with friends, planning my next trip or my sister's next visit, writing on my blog.

Name 5 of your favorite foods. Pasta , chicken, chips and salsa,chocolate, fresh baked bread

Name 5 places you've been. California, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, Wyoming.

List 5 of your favorite memories. Meeting Wade for the first time. The births of my three boys. Diet pepsi kegers (listening to kenny loggins) in the sand hills of Cowley Wyoming. The night Wade proposed. My wedding day. christmas break at the cabin this past christmas.

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The Scott Family said...

Yay, you did it! See, it wasn't that hard. It was so much fun to read. I love picturing you driving a tractor. That is so cool. I LOVE your memory of Diet Pepsi Kegers. Fun! Fun!

The Pfau's said...

How funny to look back. Time goes by so fast. Thanks for the Tag by the way, I am still thinking about it.