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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Bowl Party.... Of 5?

Technically, I don't know if what we had at our home on Sunday could be classified as a party...But in this house we use the term party quite loosely. My personal opinion is that anything associated with the word party just sounds better. For example, when our house looks like a natural disaster has hit, which unfortunately happens more than I would like, I say," It looks like it's time for a clean up party." Now see, doesn't that just sound like more fun than "We really need to clean this place up, it's driving me nuts." The first time we used that terminology the kids were jumping up and down and singing us praises at the idea of a party... that is until they realized what was involved in the 'party'. They don't get quite as excited now when we say that... but they have adopted a fondness of their own for the term as they have come to understand that a 'clean up party ' means they get help cleaning their room vs. doing it themselves.


The Pfau's said...

Looks yummy to me!! If you had good food that definatley counts as a party in my book. We would have come!!! Taylor is so cute!!! Is that his new smile for the camera? If so you need to go get pictures done..I just want to squeeze him!!

Tiffany said...

I came across your blog from Debbi's, hope you don't mind. Your boys are so stink'in cute. I can't believe how big they are. And we are way jealous of your own Private Ice Rink over here!!!

Tiffany Mohler

The Scott Family said...

Oh my goodness-you are cracking me up with all of your uses for the word "party". I think my kids need to have a "clean up party". I'm glad you guys had a fun Super Bowl Party.

Laurel said...

I may try the "clean up party" next time. Are you kidding? I'd try anything if it meant they would actually clean up. Before becoming a mother, I didn't know that mom was synonomous with maid. Now I know why mom was so tired all the time!

Next time, can I come to your superbowl party. The food looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

yo wassup cuz? Hi, how are you guys doing? I miss you. I hope I see you soon.