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Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Mayley

I love how she is clinging to her dad's shirt.

I've been wanting to work on these letters for Mayley's room...but have been struggling to find time. She is such an angel...she just layed there while I worked....

And feel asleep.

Taylor loves to hold Mayley and watch T.V. in the morning

And last but not least a couple of pictures of Mayley in her blessing dress.

These are the only pictures we got....we were trying to hurry and get dinner on the table for everyone who came and the whole picture thing was pushed aside...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Colby and the tooth fairy

About two months ago Colby lost a tooth and when it was time to tuck it under his pillow he couldn't find it. He came to our room very concerned and wondering if the tooth fairy would still leave him money even if his tooth wasn't under his pillow. Wade and I told him we had heard that if you misplaced your tooth, you could write the tooth fairy a note, and leave that under your pillow instead of the tooth.
When Wade went to place money uner his pillow this is the note he found:

( I tried to take a picture of the actual lettter but it didn't show up very well)

To: Tooth Fairy From : Colby Earl Lindley

"Sorry, I don't know what happened. I'm leaving this note because I lost my tooth. I went upstairs to get it and POOF it was gone. I was at scouts and someone was stetting the table and set it somewhere but I don't know where. I'm very very 1 million times I wish I had it right now and I'm dissapointed as you are. And I'm again very very sorry/ ( oh, and if you find it THANK YOU 5 million times)" (these are typoo's this is how he wrote it)

Wade and I had a good little chuckle over it and tucked it away to put in his memory book.

Then about a month later he lost another tooth and when it came time to put it uder his pillow... Once again the tooth was missing. This time he didn't need to ask he knew the drill.

The next morning I awoke to Wade holding THIS letter and laughing so hard he could barely speak.

Disclaimer: The material you are about to read is not made up. ( trust me I couldn't make this stuff up.)

To: The tooth Fairy From: Colby Earl Lindley

" I lost my tooth AGAIN! I don't really know how. I was perfectly fine then when was going to put my tooth under my pillow I couldn't find it. Can you still pay me I'm really S-O-R-R-Y; Sorry, I can't find my tooth. And that's not the only thing bad today a dog almost SWAWLLOWED my Lucky Rabbit Foot, I forgot my homework, I had to start a stoopid book called Daisy Dawson Is on Her Way, My butt and feet were numb, a then finally I lost my tooth! Not like lost it out of my mouth, like seriously lost my tooth! So pleeeeeeease still pay me and I'm okay if you don't like of you don't have enough mony or something like that , but that doesn't mean don't pay me."

I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. But he gave us a good laugh so of course I had to share. I have to say... it was really hard to keep a straight face when he came up for breakfast that morning andI asked him if the tooth fairy came.

We are happy to report that Colby lost yet another tooth this week and it made it safely under his pillow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

mayley at 2 months

She had to get shots today...and that didn't make her happy.

All out of Smiles.
At two months you...
* weigh 11pounds 2 ounces
*Smile easily when anyone talks to you
*are cooing and trying to 'talk'
*easily eat 4oz of milk
*sleep from 9:30 to 3:30 most nights
*lay on my shoulder and snuggle your head under my neck when your tired
*hate being cold...baths and changing clothes are definetly not your favorite
*love your brothers to hold save your best smiles for them