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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't you just love, LOVE?

I woke up this morning wondering what I could write about today and this line,which I believe is from a movie and I can't for the life of me remember which one, kept running through my mind. At first I was focused on what movie the line was from and trying desperately to picture the face of the person who had said it. When suddenly I had another thought. Truly, don't you just love, love? Don't you love the way it fills you from the inside out. Don't you love the way love makes you feel happy even giddy at times. Don't you love how love makes you feel special or like you can conquer the world. Don't you love how when you truly love someone they can understand your heart even if the words don't come out right. Don't you love the warm peaceful feeling love brings. I love how love can bridge distances and years. When you have love for someone you can overlook faults and see through their misguided efforts. When you have love you gain compassion and understanding and forgiveness and patience. When love enters your heart you have the potential to become something more, something better than you were before. I have truly come to appreciate those people who can love someone who isn't loveable, how they can somehow see through the layers of self hatred and self doubt and love them inspite of it all. And I'm thankful for people who love unconditionally... So to all of you out there .... Don't you Just LOVE, love.


The Scott Family said...

Perfect. I loved every word.

Laurel said...

I do! You have that gift you know. To be kinder to people than they deserve. To see their potential. To love unconditionally. To see the best in others. And on this day of proclaiming love, I just want to say, Love You! Even all these years later.