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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back in the Saddle again.

While I love, love, love Summer and the freedom from schedules it brings... I have to admit... by the end of August I am ready for a little routine and scheduling back in my life. I mean one can only handle the 'no structure' lifestyle for so long.
This time of year (more than January) is my goal setting time... my time to evaluate my life and set challenges for myself and design my new list of 'projects'.

Ryan and Colby started school on August 21st. Ryan was thrilled to move to a new school that is closer and gives him the freedom to ride his bike to and from school . He has a group of 4or 5 other boys he meets up with each morning. He loves his new teacher and the excitement of being at a new school.

Colby loves riding the bus and is glad to be in school all day as a 1/2 day just wasn't enough for him. He loves being able to have lunch at school and being able to have computers, music and art classes added to his curriculum. He too, loves his new teacher.

Taylor loves spending his days playing with Jace ( the little boy I watch during the school year). We have finally reached the point where the hard work of having two tiny ones all day has paid off. The hardest part of my day now, is the hour between when Ryan and Colby leave for school and Jace arrives, and the two hours when Jace naps and Taylor doesn't have a buddy to play with. He comes in every 5 minutes for the whole two hours and says "Jace awake yet".

We spend one morning a week doing an excercise class for little kids while their moms go to aerobics at the recreation center here in Smithfield, and have made several trips to the park and library.

Ryan and Taylor both celebrated their birthday's this week. Ryan enjoyed his birthday dinner at Golden Corral (his choice) with his family and Grandpa and Grandma Lindley. Then we came back to our house, opened presents and enjoyed banana split brownie sundae's. Then Saturday he enjoyed a friend party, where Wade took them miniture golfing at the Celebration Center.

Taylor celebrated his birthday having lunch at the park , waiting for Dad to come home so he could open his presents, and then eating his favorite dinner, chicken alfredo, followed by cake and icecream. They both had enjoyable days and like being one year older.


The Scott Family said...

It's nice to get back to normal, huh? I'm glad the boys had nice birthdays. That's so great that they like their teachers. That's so important. Okay, Colby looks huge. I swear he is 6 inches taller than when I saw him last...and he was huge then! Thanks for posting. It's always fun to catch up on your fam!

Laurel said...

I agree. It's nice to get back into a routine. And I can totally relate to the difficult hours before Taylor's playmate arrives. From the time Logan goes to school in the morning until Griffin goes to his pre-K at 11:30 it is, "How many more minutes until school? I'm going to be late. Everyone else is already there. How many minutes now?" Just kills me!

Daniel & Aubri said...

I love Taylor's cake! That is so awesome! I agree with Claire, for some reason Colby does look way bigger! Still the cutest ever though! Oh, I just love your boys to pieces!

The Pfau's said...

The boys look so cute for the first day of school! I miss them so much! I am glad that school is going well for them and they are so happy to be there. I still wish I lived next door! Than Taylor could come play with me while Jace is sleeping!

Robyn said...

your boys are getting so big... and so handsome! thanks for sharing pics of your crazy life. have to say, I'm a little jealous. love ya!

Deanna said...

Just so you all son't think you are losing your mind Colby did just hit another growth spurt. all those pants we bought him for school... yeah... they're already too short.