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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Balancing act.... gone wrong.

Ryan: " oh, Colby it's bleeding...."

Ryan: "MOM, Colby is bleeding!"

I slowly place the book I was reading on the back of the couch and make my way downstairs, to see Ryan racing from the bathroom with toilet paper for Colby.

Me : "WHAT HAPPENED??????"

Colby: howling.......

I then observe that Colby is holding the tissue on his forehead....not the nosebleeds we usually encounter.


Colby: (he is stark naked ,mind you, because he had just gotten out of the tub.) "I was standing on that basketball and it slipped and I hit my head on the dresser."

Me: "Let me see the cut. WHY WERE YOU STANDING ON THE BASKETBALL?????"

I carefully pry the tissue of his wound.

Me: " Ryan, please go get your Dad... Tell him Colby cut his forehead and I need to know if I need to take him for stitches."

I'm standing there, I had washed my face for the day.... I'm wearing cut off shorts and an old t-shirt.... my hair has definitely seen better days...and I am on the brink of sheer exhaustion... I know that the cut is bad enough that he probably should get stitches... but I am hoping with all that I am that Wade will come to the rescue and tell me it isn't that bad. By now Colby is really howling and upon hearing the words stitches and emergency room.... has all but started to hyperventilate.

Wade walks in... fortunately he is, and always has been, the calm in my storm. Somehow he can remain calm and even witty under these kinds of circumstances.

Me: (annoyed) " He was trying to balance on his basketball and ...look, does he need stitches?"

Wade: "Ah, that's not too bad..We are done with this emergency room thing... I am going to stock up our first aid kit... and we are not running to the emergency room anymore. He's a boy... scars are cool when your a boy."

And with that Colby stopped howling... because he realized he wasn't going to have to go get stitches and I was relieved that I didn't have to make another trip to the emergency room looking like something the cat drug home. Wade doctored him up and we all went to bed.

Colby was a little concerned about hving to go to school the next day... until Wade convinced him how cool his scar was going to look.

These are the moments I wonder if I was cut out to be a mother of boys.
Colby...thinking about having to go to school with his fresh wound.

Colby after his Dad convinced him 'scars are cool'


Laurel said...

Boys never cease to amaze me. And scars are cooler on them than on us. I'll agree with Wade on that one. And why was he standing on the basketball? My theory is "because it was there and it looked like something hard to do." Boys have that conquer it gene or something.

As per your comment: I thought kindred spirits were a commonality when I was younger, too. Surprise, surprise. I suppose it has to be that way. Something unique is ever so much more precious. I'm sure glad we are sharing the earth. You make my heart happy!

The Scott Family said...

I LOVE how you told this story. I am so glad Wade rescued you and said no more ER. The last two pictures are the best. He looks so happy after he realized he was going to have the coolest scar in school! The funniest part is that he was standing on...a BALL! What the heck!

BTW- You were totally meant to be the mother of boys. You are the best with those boys.

Jason said...

Claire called me and told me to read this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It made my day to hear a little about my nephews. I think I was about the same age as Colby when I went to the ER 3 times for stitches. I have some pretty cool scars myself. I guess Colby takes after his Uncle Jason a little. Sorry if that scares you. Give him a hug from me and let him know I love him.

Daniel & Aubri said...

Oh man! Poor Colby! Scars on boys make them look tough though! I love the way your write... you should write books, you're so entertaining! We can't wait to see you guys. Reading about those boys makes me miss you even more!