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Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's the Price for Honesty

On this particular occasion... I feel I got off pretty easy... it was only $7.99.
It all started innocently enough. It sounded like a great idea at the time. Go to this new store in Logan and check out their 4th of July clearance stuff. So I loaded up the boys and headed to Hobby Lobby. I was having a great time looking through the leftovers, when a cute white basket caught my eye. I reached for it to take a closer look and in all my excitement knocked this eagle off the shelf. I was just standing there dumbfounded and of course my first instinct was to just pick it up and set it back on the shelf...but I knew that wasn't good.( I know I really need to work on myself.... If I was truly a good person that wouldn't have been my first thought)... and then I look over and see six pairs of eyes on me... just watching in awe. I think part of them was relieve that they hadn't done it. And then I hear Colby" you break it, you buy it"...Now where in the world would he have heard that. I scoop up the eagle and, with the 'shopping moment' now ruined carry it to the check stand. Half of me was hoping the lady at the registrar would feel my plight and not make me pay for it....but alas.
lady : "oh, this got broken"
me : " Yeah, I accidentally knocked it off the shelf" (I couldn't even blame it on one of my kids)
lady: "Well, did you want it?"
me: "No, not really, but I broke it..."
So she rang it up and I paid for it.
I left completely disgusted with myself... If I had to break something couldn't it at least be something cute.
It now sits proudly in Ryan's room on his shelf.
I told my friend of my incident and she laughed and said..."That will probably be the thing they all fight over when you die."


The Scott Family said...

Good for you. I was actually kind of mad at the cashier lady that made you pay. I'm kind of mean, huh?

Brett and Mandy said...

I agree with Claire, that lady should not have made you pay for it. I love that Ryan has it in his room though, that's funny.

Laurel said...

You are such a great example in so many ways to your kids. I'm loving that it was the patriotic eagle, though. (Giggling.)

Rachel Kirkendall said...

I'm proud of you. It was the right thing to do and what an example you set for your boys! They will never forget that you did that. You're still my hero. ;-)

The Pfau's said...

That is too funny! I still can't believe they made you pay for that ugly thing. I think it was a set up!