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Wade, Deanna, Ryan, Colby, Taylor and Mayley

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Top 10 reasons to go camping

10. You get to eat smore's

#9 wading in icy cold streams

#8 You get to shoot BB guns

#7 You get to look for 'cool' rocks

#6 Hiking

#5 Getting dirty

#4 seeing your boys here instead of watching t.v.

#3 You get to drink all the soda you want

#2 Wade does the cooking

#1 I think their faces say it all


The Scott Family said...

Your boys look SO HAPPY! What a great family trip. Taylor is not a baby anymore and Ryan is not a little boy anymore. They are all growing up so fast! This was fun to read.

The Scott Family said...

So I had to come back and look at these adorable boys again. I was laughing out loud when I looked closely at the BB gun pictures and realized little Taylor has a toy gun and he's playing along with the big boys. That is precious. My other favorite is the one of Ryan and Colby talking in the meadow. Moments like that melt me and I'm so glad you caught it in a picture. I think you should make this camping trip with your boys a tradition. It seems like the neatest family activity for you guys.

Daniel & Aubri said...

So pretty much every time I see pictures of you guys up there the more I want to visit! Next Summer for sure because I suck at being cold! OH but you have snow mobiles don't you?! So tempting! Anyways, Emmett keeps bugging me to tell you that he loves you and that he can't wait to see you! (Maybe that's why he's been crying so much...)

Laurel said...

Now that looks like a great trip!! I love those happy faces.