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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mother of the Year Award (NOT)

My friend posted on her blog this morning about what a 'bad mom' she is. So in the spirit of good company I thought now is the time to share my latest 'bad mom' story. This is just one example from the long (and still going) list I have accumulated over the years.
Ryan and Colby had a great summer with coach pitch baseball and tee-ball. When I got their schedules at the begining of the year I made sure to transfer them to the calendar that hangs by my phone so that I could keep better track of the times. Well, I tought I had done a good job in the transfer and we kept busy with games monday through thursday. We spent most of our evenngs at the ball field and it quickly became a routine in our summer schedule. Then Ryan's last game came.... We had gotten into this great routine of eating first if the game was at 7:30...and going to the game and THen eating if the game was at 6:30. So as had been the majority of the summer we enjoyed dinner then rode bikes to the ball field. As we rode up to the field Ryan said " look . Mom they already started." I look at the kids on the field (Ryan's team). But then I say another team off tto the side throwing the ball back and forth.. so I said" They're probably just warming up, Get your stuff and go over with your team." I parked my bike and proceeded to look around for a place to lay our blanket out when Ryan cam running back over to me crrying, mind you, and saying the game wasn't just starting but was just ending. Me, being the bright, intelligent person Iam said " Well, It was you turn to bring drinks lets at least go give those out." He just cried more and said 'I'm going home" So I went and gave the drinks out myself... rode home alone... feeling like dirt. As we rode by a neighbors house they called at to me" Well that was a short game" I was trying to think of something clever and commical to say, but all that came out was. "yeah"
When I got home Wade suggested I take Ryan and Cloby to see Kung Fu Panda... We drowned Ryan's sorrows and my guilt in a big tub of popcorn.
Mother of the Year... I think not.


Laurel said...

Oh, jeeze! That is miserable. Totally understandable, but miserable! So sorry. And just for the record, I don't think that is a sign of a bad mom, just a very busy mom with a lot of balls in the air. It's inevitable that one of them is going to drop once in a while. xoxox

But, hey! Thanks for making me feel normal. You have a great way of doing that!

The Scott Family said...

I can't say I haven't done similar- and probably worse things to my kids. That's too bad for Ryan. My heart broke for him reading this. But, I'm sure your heart broke even more than his when you saw the look on his face. Even with this little scheduling mix up, I'm sure you're still in the running for mother of the year! I'd vote for you ;)

Robyn said...

I can just see your face as you realize the mistake and heartbreak! If that's the worst thing you could think of as a "bad mom," then I think you're doing a fantastic job! Now if I was a mom....that would be an entirely different story! You're awesome - chalk it up to blackmail for Ryan to use for a while! Keep smiling!

Brett and Mandy said...

Oh, poor Ryan. I feel bad for him, that is a bummer, but I also feel bad for you. I'm sure Ryan has mostly forgotten about missing the game while, as a mom, you'll probably remember it forever. Give all the boys hugs and kisses from us. We can't wait to see you all at thanksgiving, I can only imagine how big all of them have gotten. And by the way, we think you're one of the best moms we know. We love you all!

Lisa said...

I am glad to hear I am not the only one. AJ missed one his baseball games because I thought it was a bye week. The crazy thing is that we drove right by the field and didn't even think about it.