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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This place is becoming WAY too familar

The boys have been bugging Wade for sometime about going fishing. Wade has been procrastinating. One, because he knows what fishing really entails ( rising long before sunrise, sitting for long periods, completely quiet, with no action, IF you finally do catch something you have to then bop it on the head and de gut it(I know this isn't an actual word but...) Secondly, our boys struggle to sit through sacrament meeting. Knowing that our boys love the idea of fishing and not wanting to disappoint he decided a great compromise would be to take them to a fish farm that is only a few miles away...where the fish are always biting and (here's the best part) when your done they will fillet and package them for you.
Since I was at home enjoying the serenity of having a couple hours to myself .... the rest of the story will be from Wade's perspective.

We had a nice relaxing weekend without much news to speak of. But we had some excitement tonight. I promised the boys that I would take them fishing down at the fish farm sometime this summer. I talked Dad into going so he could help me as I'm an idiot when it comes to fishing. We ended up getting one pole and it took about an hour for each of the boys to catch a fish. It really isn't fishing because when a small fish would come to eat the bait we would just lift the pole as we were holding our for the bigger fish. The reason it took an hour was that the fish are a little wary of that hook in the bait and they seem to be pretty familiar with the process.
Anyhow after catching 3 fish we went into the small building to pay and to watch Leland fillet the fish.It was tremendously hot in the building and also accounting for the hour we spent in the sun we were pretty hot. As we were getting ready to leave Taylor fainted on the floor. I picked him up and ran him outside. I began to panic but he did begin to cry a little bit. I ran to the truck to get the air conditioner on and Ryan and Colby mentioned there was a soda machine in front of the building. I ran with Taylor in my arms to get him a soda and he began to drink some lemonade right away. I was an idiot and set him down and he fainted again. I picked him up and he was lifeless. I screamed to Dad that I needed some help. Taylor's eyes were rolled up in his head and he was completely out of it. I ran to a shady grass area and laid him down and tried to get him to come around. He was pretty lethargic and I took his clothes off and we got some water from a near by hose and began sprinkling his body with some water. He wasn't even flinching with the cold water but he was awake. I called 911 and the operator asked if I wanted an ambulance. I froze for a second and said that I'm not sure, but was wondering if she could help me. She said she couldn't unless we wanted ans ambulance. I told her I didn't and that I may call her back. I worked on Taylor for another 10 minutes with the water and with me trying to keep him awake and attentive. Ryan and Colby were freaking out and crying but they did come around and were great help in getting me some water. Dad was giving moral support I guess. Anyhow, he came around and was drinking some lemonade so I was relieved that we were in the clear. When we got home Deanna called the hospital---since it was now after 7:00. the doctor there said it is very rare for a small child to pass out from heat and that it would be wise to get him checked out. Since he really wasn't talking much now and seemed he wanted to go to sleep I caved to Deanna's request and we took him to the ER. Mom and Dad came and stayed with Ryan and Colby. In conclusion, the ER didn't do much to him except give him a popcicle. He seems completely fine now, but I'm still a nervous wreck now that the adrenaline has worn off. Sleeping might be difficult tonight. It is a sick feeling to have a child go completely limp in your arms.
p.s. I will have to add that I teach about heat related illnesses 3 times a year in one of my advanced PE classes. So that means I've taught about heat stroke at least 36 times over the past 12 years. i should have known what to do but in reality when it comes to heat stroke I just mention, " At this point medical attention will be needed."

All I know is we've been to the emergency room more than I like and that popcicle is going to be an expensive one. And I don't think this little episode has helped Wade's opinion of fishing.


The Pfau's said...

How Scary!! I still can't believe my little Taylor went through all of that( and Wade, Ryan and Colby). I am glad that he is ok but my heart is still racing from reading that! You guys have been to the E.R. a lot!!! I am SOO glad that I will see you in 4 days and I can give him a big hug for myself in the mean time squeeze him lots for me and remind him how much I love him!!

The Scott Family said...

That is so scary. I don't have any words right now. Poor Taylor! That is crazy and so scary! I am so glad he is alright.

It was kind of neat to read something from Wade;s perspective. We don't get to hear from the guys very often. How very ironic that he teaches about this!

Brett and Mandy said...

WOW I couldn't even think of anything that would scare me more............and I was just talking to Mandy the other day about taking the girls fishing.

Laurel said...

Holy smokes, that is scary! I would have been in a hot panic! I can't imagine the horror of that moment. Kudos to dad for keeping his head.

Hey, I'm glad you liked Pride and Prejudice. It's fantastic, isn't it? I wanted to give you another book suggestion that I know you will LOVE: You have to read These is My Words by Nanci Turner. I'm reading it again right now because it's that good.

Robyn said...

It really gets that hot WWAAAAYYYY up in northern Utah? Ouch! What a terrible experience, I'm sure. Glad he's OK and back to normal. You did everything right!