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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

" I ride my bike ?"

Taylor has decided that he is too big to go for rides in the bike stroller any longer and insisted on putting a helmet on and riding his bike to the library today. Round trip it was probably a couple of miles... but on the way TO the library it is all up hill.

I came prepared with the bike stroller and a bungee strap, fully anticipating that about half-way there he would get tired and want a ride... but the little stud rode all the way there AND home and then rode his bike tonight to and from Ryan's baseball game. ( the ball field is only a couple of blocks away but STILL) I kept asking him if he was doing okay and if he was getting tired... He just kept saying " No, mom, I okay"


Laurel said...

What a trooper! He has to be to keep up with his big brothers. He'll probably be the toughest of the bunch. What a cutie!

The Pfau's said...

Man! I thought that was a picture of Colby when I first saw it!! That just goes to show how much he has grown and changed since I saw him at Christmas! So SAD!! At least I can look forward to a WHOLE week with the little man very soon! He is amazing give him a BIG hug and kiss from his favorite Aunt!!!!

The Scott Family said...

Your baby is not a baby anymore! That is seriously one of the cutest things ever. What a toughie! I want to get a little squeeze of those perfect little cheeks in that 2nd picture.