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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day at the Zoo

Yesterday we went with a friend of mine, her 20 year old daughter and 10 year old son... to visit Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. We had a great time seeing the animals and watching how excited the boys were. Every time we would stop to look at an animal Taylor would look at it for a minute then pull out his map and say "Lets go look at the snakes"... But when we finally got to the snakes he didn't seem nearly as excited. I don't know what he was expecting... but he was done with the whole snake thing in about 10 seconds. We also went to the bird show. Ryan and Colby loved having the birds fly close to their heads, Taylor on the other hand, was not so sure he liked that... but they all loved hearing the talking/ singing parrot. And I loved having a day with my boys.


The Scott Family said...

You are a blogging machine! This is awesome. I love seeing all of the day to day happenings of your family.

Taylor is adorable. I can't imagine him getting out a map and suggesting the snake section. That is so cute. The picture of him looking at the map is adorable. Gabriel came and was so excited to see pictures of all of them. He especially loved when I told him there was a talking parrot. What a fun day with your boys!

The Pfau's said...

The very first picture of all of you- Taylors face is cracking me up!! I can't wait to squish him. You are such a fun mom taking your boys to the zoo. Is that the same one we went to when Koben and I visited? I have to say as mean as it is I am a little happy Taylor wasn't too happy about the snakes. I HATE snakes!!!!

Deanna said...

That is Taylor's smile right now.Every time he see's the camera that is the 'smile' we get.
I think we went to the little zoo in Logan when you came 'Willow park'. This one is in Salt Lake and is a lot bigger. And I'm with you Snakes are NOT my thing.