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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Colby (a little late)

Colby celebrated his 6th birthday on January 17th. We have really gotten spoiled in this family because his Grandma Lindley is a very good cake decorater (they truly look professional and taste even better) But this year there seemed to be a lot going on so we forced Grandma to take a break and we went for the grocery store version. I want it to be known that I did offer to try to make Colby a cake but he laughed. And gave me that look like "yeah, right Mom ". So we headed to the local grocery store to pick out a cake. He chose a simple, 2 layer, round, Reese's peanut butter cake. It was decorated neatly and looked very tastey as I am partial to anything that contains both chocolate and peanut butter. But for Colby it needed some finishing touches. Like an entire baseball team arrangement that was made for a sheet cake. Yeah you should have seen the lady's face.

" Do you happen to have a baseball player you could put on top of this ?"

Blank stare..." I have a basketball player."

" Well He really had his heart set on a baseball don't have any like this?" I said as I pointed to the picture of the sheet cake in the book.

Blank stare...." welll.... Yeah but I would have to sell you the whole kit. "

"That's fine... I can just let him have the other figures."

She opens the bag and proceeds to arrange them on the cake. ALL OF THEM.

Colby was TRILLED with the outcome, and I was past the point of caring. At this point in my life if it isn't life threating, annoying anyone else, unethical or immoral I Don't care!

The cake was made complete with a bright blue Happy Birthday piped on top!


Laurel said...

Got to love those blank stares! Some days I want to walk through the world with a sign that reads, "Come on, people! Work with me!"

And it true isn't it? You just have to let some things go.

I think the cake looks cute. I'd come over for a taste!

The Scott Family said...

I was waiting for you to post about Colby's birthday. I can't believe he's already 6! I LOVE that cake! I can't wait to show these pictures to the boys. The memory of that cake will mean so much more to him than a perfectly decorated cake would have. If you go to they can make your blog into a book. This would be a blog he would like to look back on.

Happy Birthday Colby! We love you.