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Wade, Deanna, Ryan, Colby, Taylor and Mayley

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Fun


Ryan, Colby, and Taylor

My adorable husband has been spent the last several weeks making an ice rink in our back yard. He has literally spent hours perfecting the process. But it has paid off. The boys and several of their friends have had a great time skating and playing hockey.The hard part for me has been learning to focus on the fun that everyone is having and not the pile of skates, coats, hats and gloves strewn across my kitchen floor.


Laurel said...

Okay...the first three pictures made me a teensy tiny bit jealous that things actually freeze there...and then the last picture made that disappear. I like walking out without a coat. Then again, talk to me in July and August.

I think the ice rink is a fabulous idea. What great memories for your kids!

The Pfau's said...

What a blast!! I can't believe Taylor is so in to it!! Koben is going to die when he see's these pictures. He was just telling me the other day he wanted to go ice skating. I can't imagine doing it in our back yard!!!

The Scott Family said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Wade is awesome! I am glad the boys are having so much fun this winter! Your memories and pictures of them iceskating in their backyard will last a lot longer than that mess in your kitchen.