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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Happenings


Taylor playing "I spy" with Mayley.

Wade made 2 batches of sugar cookies, frosted them with the boys and delivered them to friends and neighbors.

I usually buy an ornament for each of the kids for Christmas...but this year I thought it would be fun for them to make their own... I got the idea for the snowman ornaments off my friend Christi's blog...Hers were MUCH cuter.... but the boys had fun, and it kept them entertained for a few hours.


Mayley kept herself busy by "cleaning out" the cupboards 

A few years ago,in an attempt to get my boys to eat SOMETHING remotely healthy on Christmas morning, I bought small cereal boxes to put in there stockings... somehow that morphed into a tradition in there minds. Since they also think that peach french toast should also be a Christmas morning tradition they got there cereal boxes Christmas eve morning.

Somehow making gingerbread houses became "tradition" too... This year we found kits at the grocery store . Much easier than making your own. Taylor chose a Santa Sleigh. As you can tell they had lots of fun!

And one of my personal favorite traditions is our annual Christmas Eve seafood dinner with Wade's parents... This years menu included lobster tail, crab legs, shrimp scampi, cocktail shrimp, rice pilaf, garlic cheddar biscuits, fried Pollock and  bacon scallops. Even mayley enjoyed the meal.

Colby,Mayley, Taylor and Ryan showing off their Christmas Eve Pajama's

And last, but not least, the annual tradition of leaving a treat for Santa and his reindeer, along with a note.
This years treat was root beer, eggnog, crackers and cheese and carrot stick with a lemon garnish for the reindeer.

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!!!!!!


Jason and Claire said...

Taylor and Mayley in the window are adorable! What sweet siblings. I love how much Ryan is concentrating on his cookie decorating. Love that boy. Can Mayley come help me clean out my cupboards? What a cute little trouble-maker! And, your pre-made gingerbread houses are my kind of tradition. That's what we did too.;) It's great to see all the pictures of you guys!

Brett and Mandy said...

We missed you all so much!!!!We are super bummed we didn't get to see you all at Thanksgiving, hope we get to see you soon;)Mayley is so big, and just SO pretty. Looks like you guys all had a great christmas, we have lots of the same traditions as you guys do, but I think i am going to steal your idea of having the kids make their own ornaments ( i think they came out great). And when did Taylor get so big??? AH, i miss those kids give everyone hugs from us, we miss you ALL!

Daniel & Aubri said...

Okay, so I WOULD be the one to comment on the food...but holy moly! Your Christmas Eve dinner looked and sounded AMAZING:) Seriously. That tradition is awesome! I may have to come visit for Christmas next year! lol! I hope I'm a fun mom like you and have my kids do so many fun things like your's do! I love the ornament making idea! And also, LOVE the picture of Ryan holding Mayley. Seriously, their relationship is the sweetest EVER. Miss you guys!

Robyn said...

I'm sooo proud of you for updating your blog with Christmas memories and pictures! I feel like I was there - looks like you all had a great time and are making lots of memories & traditions! I hope you have a wonderful new year -
:o) robyn

The Pfau's said...

I LOVE all the traditions!! I miss you all so much at christmas but I am so happy to see all the smiling faces on you kids!! I spy is sooo precious! I love that Taylor boy!! And the presentation on that santa plate was incredible! Miss you guys! February can't get here soon enough!!