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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Colby celebrated his 8th birthday on January 17th. Amist the chaos of the month we had an enjoyable afternoon with Colby. Grandma Scott let Colby choose what he wanted for his birthday dinner and made a wonderful dinner for us to enjoy and Grandma Lindley made him a delicious birthday cake.

Then this past weekend Grandpa and Grandma Lindley and Grandpa and Grandma Scott were able to join us for Colby's baptisim. Colby had a great day! Not only was he baptized, he also played a basketball game and then traveled to Salt Lake with his Dad and Ryan to watch the
Jazz game.

Colby is such a sweet boy and we are so grateful he is part of our family!


The Pfau's said...

I don't know why but Colby actually looks so young in his picture. I usually think he looks so big. I am so glad he had such a good birthday. Crazy to think that in 11 years our boys will be headed to the MTC together?!? Scary!!

And seriously you just can't do a post anymore unless there is a picture of Mayley on there too. Even if it is about Colby come on I NEED some Mayley photos!! :) Love Ya! Give Colby a big hug from us. We are so proud of him!!

Jason and Claire said...

What an amazing little guy you have. He always looks handsome but that last picture he is more than handsome. He looks like a a little miny missionary with his backpack over his shoulder!

Sounds like his day was perfect. I heard what a great ball player he is! Go Colby! I love it. Your boys are such...boys! Just like they're supposed to be;) Love that he went to a jazz game with his dad and Ryan. What a perfect way to end his day. Give him hugs from us and tell him how proud we are of him. He must have one amazing mom to be such an amazing kid!

Trish said...

What a kid!! He's a keeper:)

Brett and Mandy said...

Happy 8th birthday Colby! How fun that both sets of grandparents got to be there for Colby's baptism, what a special day! 8 sounds so much older than 7, your boys are getting too big too fast! Love you all!

Daniel & Aubri said...

AH! Baptisms are such special days. How neat for Colby! He is so sweet and looks so cute! Love his Birthday cake:)