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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mother of the Year Award (NOT) take 2

Ryan received an invitation from his scout leaders, Sunday evening, inviting him to dress like a character in his favorite book for his pack meeting on Wednesday. Monday evening Ryan had decided that he wanted to dress like Harry Potter. So Tuesday after school we took a trip to deseret industries to see if we could find a black robe. Taylor informed us upon entering the store that he wanted to go look at the toys. Colby volunteered to go with him while Ryan and I looked for bathrobes. After a few minutes of looking I heard a muffled announcement over the intercom..." Attention all customers, " the rest of the message sounded like the 'teacher' on the peanuts cartoon. Ryan and I found a black, shiny robe that he was happy with...but it was missing the belt... so we went to another part of the store to look through the belts. On our way I told Ryan I was going to check on Colby and Taylor in the toy isle. They weren't there so I went to check for them in the book section. A couple of times while I was wandering around I hear the muffled message again, but I wasn't concerned about what the 'blue light special' was for the day. Colby and Taylor weren't in the book section either so I found Ryan and told him I was going to the front of the store to look for them. As I approached the checkout area I heard the message again. "Attention all customers, if you have lost your child please go to register 1". I still wasn't alarmed by the message because I was sure that Colby and Taylor were together and that they weren't lost....that was until, Colby came up behind me and said "Mom, I can't find Taylor."
So I very calmly made my way to register 1. When I approached the register there was a line of customers waiting to be helped. So I walked to the opposite end in hopes of catching her attention and avoiding the line. But the cashier was flustered and was ignoring my "excuse me ma'am" So I just stepped to the end of the line. As I was waiting in line I heard the announcement over the intercom again. Then things got really interesting.

Lady at register 5, calling to lady at register 1, "Isn't that sad?"
Lady at register 1, "Really sad."
Lady at 5, " Some parent doesn't even know they've lost their child"
Lady at 1, " That poor kid"
customer checking out at 5 " Yeah, Those parents that just let their kids run wild through the store."
At this point, I was the front of the line and as Lady at 1 made eye contact with me, she must have sensed that I wasn't there to pay for the black robe I was holding and the smile on her face dropped as I said " I heard the announcement about the lost child and I believe he is mine. "
Lady at 5, " Did you hear us?"
Me " yes"
Lady at 5, " I am so sorry ."
Me " You know this little incident has taught me a very valuable lesson. We really shouldn't judge people. You don't know me... and you don't know anything about the situation... You were just making assumptions about me and what kind of parent you THINK I am. That's whats sad."
She apologized again as she picked up her phone to call for someone to escort me into the 'employee's only" door and into an office to where Taylor sat.

We finished our shopping and proceeded to check out 2, which was now open, to pay for our items. As I was paying the lady from register 1 turns around and pats me on the shoulder and says"Don't beat yourself up about it" to which all I could think to say was " Oh, I won't". She looked kind of puzzled as she mumbled " Oh,...Good some people would" and turned to help the next customer.
I'm sure my picture is now hanging in the D.I. With the words "Bad Mother" posted beneath it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk to School Day

Colby's school had their annual 'walk to school day'. Ryan had 'youth 2000' this morning at we sent Ryan off, then Colby, Taylor and I, headed out for the 2-mile walk to school. It was a chilly but beautiful morning and I truly enjoyed the chance to walk and chat about nothing and everything with Colby. Taylor was content all bundled up in the stroller with his milk and pretzels (his favorite snack). It was a great start to our day.

Colby took a picture of Taylor and I.

Taylor taking a picture of Colby and I. (I know...what was I thinking handing my camera to my 3 year old)

Colby and I taking our own picture.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture tag.

Rules to this tag. Go to you picture folder and take the 4th picture from the fourth folder and post it on your blog.

Okay I love this picture. I couldn't find Taylor one morning.... then I looked outside and he was reading the paper in his chair. Just like his Dad likes to do when weather and time allow it.

I tag anyone who reads this and is wondering what they could post on their blog today.

Tag you're it.

I've been tagged at least twice and I have procrastinated for way to long. So here goes.

Tag #1 Tell 6 unspectacular, quirky things about you or your family.

1. I sleep with my feet outside the covers. Wade teases me... because, according to him, I steal the whole blanket... cocoon myself in it... then leave my feet sticking out the bottom.

2. I prefer baths to showers. And I like my water super hot. When I get out my skin is all red... Wade thinks I'm crazy, I have to admit I am...but not because of the bath thing.

3. I'm the 'notebook' queen. I have notebooks for everything. My grocery/ menu list. Notes I take at meetings. Another for notes I taking while reading books. I'm sure there are more I just can't think of them right now. I have a couple friends who tease me mercilessly about my notebooks.

4. My own mess is okay...but every other mess drives me insane. I can have a sewing ,craft or scrapbook project overtaking my kitchen. But my husbands 'pile' on top of the fridge will drive me to distraction. my kids shoes and backpacks on the floor have to be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY...but my project strewn across the house is just fine. Go figure.

5.When I get into a good book the rest of my life falls apart. Not every book does this too me. But if I get a good one...look out. Everything else takes a back burner until I've finished the book. And I know that I'd better not start another one until I has some sense of semblance to my life again.

6. I love new socks... and I hate folding socks when I do laundry. I've told Wade before that if money were no object I would never wash and fold socks I would just buy new ones... and when we took our socks off at the end of the day... they would just go in the trash. How quirky is that?

I tagged you all... If you took the time to read this far down you are soooooo tagged !

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What did we ever do with out them????????

After having my dishwasher down, and doing dishes by hand for 2days... The internet not working for close to a week...and venturing out yesterday and then realizing I didn't have my cell phone with me. It made me wonder...How did we ever live with out them?