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Monday, May 3, 2010

4 Months Already?!?!!!

My how time flies.... I look at the calender and know it's true... but I just can't believe Mayley is 4 months old already. Time goes by way to quickly. We truly are enjoying having her in our home and the sweet and feisty spirit that she has.

At four Months you...
*weigh 15 lbs.9 oz.
*smile at anyone who will talk to you
*have started giggling and squealing
*Drink 6oz. at a time
*are sleeping 8 hours a night
*would rather sit up
*drool until your shirt is soaked
*are a "mommy's girl"

and my personal favorite...
*still like to snuggle when your tired


Brett and Mandy said...

Wow, 4 months flies! I LOVE the pic of her, she just keeps getting prettier and prettier (if that's even possible). That's great that she sleeps 8 hours a night. Wish i could see her sit up, love her to pieces squeeze her for us!

Trish said...

What a cute smile!! Love that little girl:)

Ken and Kim Cutler said...

She is just too cute!!!