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Monday, February 4, 2013

Huge milestone

Yesterday, while enjoying the super bowl at my sister and brother-in-law's house, (Scott and Teresa's), we achieved a huge milestone in our lives! Mayley finally pooped on the potty!!!!!

For the past few weeks she has been good with peeing on the toilet...but not so much when it came to #2. Wade and I have tried all forms of bribery...nothing seemed to be working...and to say, that we were ready to be done with diapers, is a huge understatement. But last night after her Daddy told her he would take her to the store if she went poop on the toilet, she came and announced she needed to go. Then after using the bathroom she ran back into the room where everyone was gathered, watching the game,  and proudly announced her accomplishment. She received lots of applause and cheers from the crowd, and had 2 very happy parents.

She then said to her dad "Can we go now?'...she was ready to head to the store for her new toy. We explained to her that it was Sunday and the stores were closed.

This morning she woke up and the first thing she said was "Are the stores open today?" I said that they were. Then she asked "When is my Daddy going to be home?" I told her not until 5. She spent the rest of the day checking to see how much longer before her dad came home.

She was super excited when he finally arrived to take her "shopping". And this is the doll she picked out at the store. Small price for us to pay for actually going on the toilet:)