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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mayley moments

I'm not very good at keeping a I've decided (at least for now), that I will use my blog to "journal" all the "moments" that happen...the things that make me smile...sometimes cry...or want to scream. But memories that I want to keep none-the -less.

On Sunday, December 30th I was really sick and headed to insta-care...  meanwhile, the rest of the family had an appointment for tithing settlement. Because I was out of commission it was up to Wade to fix Mayley's hair. Here's how the conversation went:

Wade: "Come on Mayley, we need to fix your hair before we go."

Mayley: "I want princess hair."

Wade: "I don't know how to do princess hair."

Me: "It's actually quite simple...she just wants you to gather it into a ponytail then twist it and put a
         clippie in it. Even you can do it."

Wade: "I  didn't understand one thing you said... but just go, we'll figure it out"

A few minutes later I received a text from Wade that said " I just got a "Well, that doesn't look pretty."


Nicole Theurer said...

yay! love the blog :) and this story gets me every time...Mayley is a funny loving my table runner!

Trish said...

We laugh as we picture the whole conversation! She is great.

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