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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy birthday Mayley!!!!!

Grandma Lindley is amazing. I honestly can't think of a  thing she can't do! One of her many talents is cake decorating. She was kind enough to share her talent and make Mayley's cake.

 Mayley( with grandma lindley) showing us she is "1" year old.

Mayley receieved this toy for christmas in hope it would help motivate her to learn to walk...but she would rather sit in it and have Taylor push her around. Luckily Taylor doesn't mind.

Christmas was great for helping Mayley in her gift "unwrapping" abilities.

Mayley was more interested in eating the paper she tore off her gifts than she was to unwrap them and see what was inside.

This little piggy bank ended up being her favorite gift. Once she opened it, she wasn't interested in opening anymore presents and she got upset if anyone tried to take it from her.

 Ready to have some cake!

 She started off just eating the frosting with 2 fingers.

Then she moved on to handfuls.

 She was upset...She actually got some cake in that bite!

Happy Birthday Mayley! We love you and are so glad you are  part of our family!!!!


Trish said...

I can't believe she is a year old. My, what a year! I love the cake pics!! I knew you would get some good ones from her. It is so good that Taylor will indulge the little princess and shuttle her around:)

The Pfau's said...

Thank goodness you posted pictures of this! I was dying I wasn't there to celebrate her on her special day! She is such a doll! I LOVE the red tutu!! Her eating cake it too cute and I love that the present she liked most was hot pink and sparkly!!! And here you thought she would end up a tomboy after all those boys....NOT A CHANCE!!! Eating cake with two fingers and her love for things pink and sparkly!!! She is your perfect girl!! I love you Mayley May!! Give her a big birthday kiss form her favorite Aunt!!

Jason and Claire said...

Oh my heck! This is one of my favorite posts ever! I just fell even more in love with that precious girl! I love looking at all those beautiful smiles and the excitement in her those big eyes. LOVE_ that girl! What a sweet mom to make her day so incredible...although I don't think you minded it. I think you had fun planning it all.;)

Robyn said...

What a cute little princess you have! I loved seeing all the pictures and your commentary - I feel like I was there! Great job, mom! Hope she's learned to enjoy some more presents...that girl may just end up being your money-hungry child! :o) You're a great mom, Deanna - just look at your kids and all they can do. I'm so very impressed and slightly jealous, to be honest. You have it all, my friend. It may not be perfect, but it's yours. Congrats on making another beautiful child...who looks just like her handsome brothers!

The Pfau's said...

I had to come peak at my Mayley girl again! I just love her so much and love seeing all the cute things you do with your little doll. Brings a smile to my face. Oh how I hope she lets me snuggle and squeeze her when I see her again! Give your kids my love!!

Homer and Queen said...

Yes I love me diet coke and that is one seriously cute baby!!!

Brett and Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Mayley!!! WE are still dying to meet this little doll, she is SO cute. I love that she would rather have Taylor push her than walk, that's my kind of girl. She is such a princess, i just love how dainty she was eating her cake with two fingers, we hope Mayley had a great birthday, give her a big hug from us, we love you all!

Laurel said...

Mayley is adorable! Glad to find that you are back blogging. It is so nice for me to get a glimpse of your life. Much love to you and your sweet family! xoxo