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Friday, November 14, 2008

Butternut Squash Soup

We tried this new soup last week and it was a huge hit. (Even Colby liked it! and normally he won't touch squash.) They liked it so much we are having it again tonight. So for all you squash lovers out there....

Butternut Squash Soup
3lbs. unpeeled butternut squash, halved and seeded
2lrg. onions
1small garlic bulb
1/4 c. olive oil
2 t. thyme
3 c. chicken broth
1/2c. whipping cream
3t. parsley
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper
Cut squash into large pieces. Place cut side up in baking pan. Cut onion into fourths and place in baking pan. Then add one peeled garlic bulb. Brush lightly with oil; Sprinkle with thyme. Cover tightly and bake at 350 for 1-1/2 to 2 hours or until veggies are tender. Remove peel from squash. Combine veggies, broth and cream in small batches in a blender or food processor until smooth; transfer to sauce pan. Add parsley, salt and pepper: heat through do not boil.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My 'the kids are back in school' projects

Project #1 Sand, restain and varnish this end table. I started it several weeks ago...but it is a work in progress... I do much better with projects I can start and finish in a day.

Project #2 Dejunk my downstair and make a trip to the D.I.

Project #3 My sister Debbi actually inspired this project. Since Ryan was about 2 we have tried to write down the cute and funny things our boys say, up until now we have just kept them on sheet of paper in thier baby books... Now they are in books that we can all look at and they are much easier for me to keep up with. The boys had a great time last night looking through them and we all had lots of laughs remebering the funny and cute things they've said.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween. The boys loved trick or treating. Taylor even sang the first few lines of 'funky town' to a couple of the homes we visited. Which of course was a huge hit and made us all smile. Wade made the holiday for me, by carving pumpkins with the boys thursday evening while I went to book club.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mother of the Year Award (NOT) take 2

Ryan received an invitation from his scout leaders, Sunday evening, inviting him to dress like a character in his favorite book for his pack meeting on Wednesday. Monday evening Ryan had decided that he wanted to dress like Harry Potter. So Tuesday after school we took a trip to deseret industries to see if we could find a black robe. Taylor informed us upon entering the store that he wanted to go look at the toys. Colby volunteered to go with him while Ryan and I looked for bathrobes. After a few minutes of looking I heard a muffled announcement over the intercom..." Attention all customers, " the rest of the message sounded like the 'teacher' on the peanuts cartoon. Ryan and I found a black, shiny robe that he was happy with...but it was missing the belt... so we went to another part of the store to look through the belts. On our way I told Ryan I was going to check on Colby and Taylor in the toy isle. They weren't there so I went to check for them in the book section. A couple of times while I was wandering around I hear the muffled message again, but I wasn't concerned about what the 'blue light special' was for the day. Colby and Taylor weren't in the book section either so I found Ryan and told him I was going to the front of the store to look for them. As I approached the checkout area I heard the message again. "Attention all customers, if you have lost your child please go to register 1". I still wasn't alarmed by the message because I was sure that Colby and Taylor were together and that they weren't lost....that was until, Colby came up behind me and said "Mom, I can't find Taylor."
So I very calmly made my way to register 1. When I approached the register there was a line of customers waiting to be helped. So I walked to the opposite end in hopes of catching her attention and avoiding the line. But the cashier was flustered and was ignoring my "excuse me ma'am" So I just stepped to the end of the line. As I was waiting in line I heard the announcement over the intercom again. Then things got really interesting.

Lady at register 5, calling to lady at register 1, "Isn't that sad?"
Lady at register 1, "Really sad."
Lady at 5, " Some parent doesn't even know they've lost their child"
Lady at 1, " That poor kid"
customer checking out at 5 " Yeah, Those parents that just let their kids run wild through the store."
At this point, I was the front of the line and as Lady at 1 made eye contact with me, she must have sensed that I wasn't there to pay for the black robe I was holding and the smile on her face dropped as I said " I heard the announcement about the lost child and I believe he is mine. "
Lady at 5, " Did you hear us?"
Me " yes"
Lady at 5, " I am so sorry ."
Me " You know this little incident has taught me a very valuable lesson. We really shouldn't judge people. You don't know me... and you don't know anything about the situation... You were just making assumptions about me and what kind of parent you THINK I am. That's whats sad."
She apologized again as she picked up her phone to call for someone to escort me into the 'employee's only" door and into an office to where Taylor sat.

We finished our shopping and proceeded to check out 2, which was now open, to pay for our items. As I was paying the lady from register 1 turns around and pats me on the shoulder and says"Don't beat yourself up about it" to which all I could think to say was " Oh, I won't". She looked kind of puzzled as she mumbled " Oh,...Good some people would" and turned to help the next customer.
I'm sure my picture is now hanging in the D.I. With the words "Bad Mother" posted beneath it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk to School Day

Colby's school had their annual 'walk to school day'. Ryan had 'youth 2000' this morning at we sent Ryan off, then Colby, Taylor and I, headed out for the 2-mile walk to school. It was a chilly but beautiful morning and I truly enjoyed the chance to walk and chat about nothing and everything with Colby. Taylor was content all bundled up in the stroller with his milk and pretzels (his favorite snack). It was a great start to our day.

Colby took a picture of Taylor and I.

Taylor taking a picture of Colby and I. (I know...what was I thinking handing my camera to my 3 year old)

Colby and I taking our own picture.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture tag.

Rules to this tag. Go to you picture folder and take the 4th picture from the fourth folder and post it on your blog.

Okay I love this picture. I couldn't find Taylor one morning.... then I looked outside and he was reading the paper in his chair. Just like his Dad likes to do when weather and time allow it.

I tag anyone who reads this and is wondering what they could post on their blog today.

Tag you're it.

I've been tagged at least twice and I have procrastinated for way to long. So here goes.

Tag #1 Tell 6 unspectacular, quirky things about you or your family.

1. I sleep with my feet outside the covers. Wade teases me... because, according to him, I steal the whole blanket... cocoon myself in it... then leave my feet sticking out the bottom.

2. I prefer baths to showers. And I like my water super hot. When I get out my skin is all red... Wade thinks I'm crazy, I have to admit I am...but not because of the bath thing.

3. I'm the 'notebook' queen. I have notebooks for everything. My grocery/ menu list. Notes I take at meetings. Another for notes I taking while reading books. I'm sure there are more I just can't think of them right now. I have a couple friends who tease me mercilessly about my notebooks.

4. My own mess is okay...but every other mess drives me insane. I can have a sewing ,craft or scrapbook project overtaking my kitchen. But my husbands 'pile' on top of the fridge will drive me to distraction. my kids shoes and backpacks on the floor have to be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY...but my project strewn across the house is just fine. Go figure.

5.When I get into a good book the rest of my life falls apart. Not every book does this too me. But if I get a good one...look out. Everything else takes a back burner until I've finished the book. And I know that I'd better not start another one until I has some sense of semblance to my life again.

6. I love new socks... and I hate folding socks when I do laundry. I've told Wade before that if money were no object I would never wash and fold socks I would just buy new ones... and when we took our socks off at the end of the day... they would just go in the trash. How quirky is that?

I tagged you all... If you took the time to read this far down you are soooooo tagged !

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What did we ever do with out them????????

After having my dishwasher down, and doing dishes by hand for 2days... The internet not working for close to a week...and venturing out yesterday and then realizing I didn't have my cell phone with me. It made me wonder...How did we ever live with out them?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yummy Brownie's

Okay... If you are doing the lowfat thing...look away now. But if you are like me and having been looking for 'the perfect brownie recipe'... the ooey, gooey, put icecream and whip cream on top of me brownie. My friends.... this is it.

2c. sugar
1c. butter, softened
4 eggs
2t. vanilla
1 1/2 c. flour
1/2 c. cocoa
1/2t. salt

preheat oven to 350. Cream butter and sugar together. add eggs and vanilla, mix well. In a separate bowl mix flour, cocoa,and salt together. Slowly stir into cream mixture until well mixed. Pour into a greased 9x13 pan. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Balancing act.... gone wrong.

Ryan: " oh, Colby it's bleeding...."

Ryan: "MOM, Colby is bleeding!"

I slowly place the book I was reading on the back of the couch and make my way downstairs, to see Ryan racing from the bathroom with toilet paper for Colby.

Me : "WHAT HAPPENED??????"

Colby: howling.......

I then observe that Colby is holding the tissue on his forehead....not the nosebleeds we usually encounter.


Colby: (he is stark naked ,mind you, because he had just gotten out of the tub.) "I was standing on that basketball and it slipped and I hit my head on the dresser."

Me: "Let me see the cut. WHY WERE YOU STANDING ON THE BASKETBALL?????"

I carefully pry the tissue of his wound.

Me: " Ryan, please go get your Dad... Tell him Colby cut his forehead and I need to know if I need to take him for stitches."

I'm standing there, I had washed my face for the day.... I'm wearing cut off shorts and an old t-shirt.... my hair has definitely seen better days...and I am on the brink of sheer exhaustion... I know that the cut is bad enough that he probably should get stitches... but I am hoping with all that I am that Wade will come to the rescue and tell me it isn't that bad. By now Colby is really howling and upon hearing the words stitches and emergency room.... has all but started to hyperventilate.

Wade walks in... fortunately he is, and always has been, the calm in my storm. Somehow he can remain calm and even witty under these kinds of circumstances.

Me: (annoyed) " He was trying to balance on his basketball and ...look, does he need stitches?"

Wade: "Ah, that's not too bad..We are done with this emergency room thing... I am going to stock up our first aid kit... and we are not running to the emergency room anymore. He's a boy... scars are cool when your a boy."

And with that Colby stopped howling... because he realized he wasn't going to have to go get stitches and I was relieved that I didn't have to make another trip to the emergency room looking like something the cat drug home. Wade doctored him up and we all went to bed.

Colby was a little concerned about hving to go to school the next day... until Wade convinced him how cool his scar was going to look.

These are the moments I wonder if I was cut out to be a mother of boys.
Colby...thinking about having to go to school with his fresh wound.

Colby after his Dad convinced him 'scars are cool'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back in the Saddle again.

While I love, love, love Summer and the freedom from schedules it brings... I have to admit... by the end of August I am ready for a little routine and scheduling back in my life. I mean one can only handle the 'no structure' lifestyle for so long.
This time of year (more than January) is my goal setting time... my time to evaluate my life and set challenges for myself and design my new list of 'projects'.

Ryan and Colby started school on August 21st. Ryan was thrilled to move to a new school that is closer and gives him the freedom to ride his bike to and from school . He has a group of 4or 5 other boys he meets up with each morning. He loves his new teacher and the excitement of being at a new school.

Colby loves riding the bus and is glad to be in school all day as a 1/2 day just wasn't enough for him. He loves being able to have lunch at school and being able to have computers, music and art classes added to his curriculum. He too, loves his new teacher.

Taylor loves spending his days playing with Jace ( the little boy I watch during the school year). We have finally reached the point where the hard work of having two tiny ones all day has paid off. The hardest part of my day now, is the hour between when Ryan and Colby leave for school and Jace arrives, and the two hours when Jace naps and Taylor doesn't have a buddy to play with. He comes in every 5 minutes for the whole two hours and says "Jace awake yet".

We spend one morning a week doing an excercise class for little kids while their moms go to aerobics at the recreation center here in Smithfield, and have made several trips to the park and library.

Ryan and Taylor both celebrated their birthday's this week. Ryan enjoyed his birthday dinner at Golden Corral (his choice) with his family and Grandpa and Grandma Lindley. Then we came back to our house, opened presents and enjoyed banana split brownie sundae's. Then Saturday he enjoyed a friend party, where Wade took them miniture golfing at the Celebration Center.

Taylor celebrated his birthday having lunch at the park , waiting for Dad to come home so he could open his presents, and then eating his favorite dinner, chicken alfredo, followed by cake and icecream. They both had enjoyable days and like being one year older.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's the Price for Honesty

On this particular occasion... I feel I got off pretty easy... it was only $7.99.
It all started innocently enough. It sounded like a great idea at the time. Go to this new store in Logan and check out their 4th of July clearance stuff. So I loaded up the boys and headed to Hobby Lobby. I was having a great time looking through the leftovers, when a cute white basket caught my eye. I reached for it to take a closer look and in all my excitement knocked this eagle off the shelf. I was just standing there dumbfounded and of course my first instinct was to just pick it up and set it back on the shelf...but I knew that wasn't good.( I know I really need to work on myself.... If I was truly a good person that wouldn't have been my first thought)... and then I look over and see six pairs of eyes on me... just watching in awe. I think part of them was relieve that they hadn't done it. And then I hear Colby" you break it, you buy it"...Now where in the world would he have heard that. I scoop up the eagle and, with the 'shopping moment' now ruined carry it to the check stand. Half of me was hoping the lady at the registrar would feel my plight and not make me pay for it....but alas.
lady : "oh, this got broken"
me : " Yeah, I accidentally knocked it off the shelf" (I couldn't even blame it on one of my kids)
lady: "Well, did you want it?"
me: "No, not really, but I broke it..."
So she rang it up and I paid for it.
I left completely disgusted with myself... If I had to break something couldn't it at least be something cute.
It now sits proudly in Ryan's room on his shelf.
I told my friend of my incident and she laughed and said..."That will probably be the thing they all fight over when you die."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meeting Baby Emmett

The Boys and I were able to take a quick trip to Las Vegas, to play for a few days and to meet one of our new nephew/cousins...Emmett. We had a great week with lost of loving and kissing on Emmett and a few adventures in Las Vegas. Our week included an afternoon at Chucky cheese ,where the kids had a great time eating pizza and playing games. The next afternoon Grandma Scott treated us all to a movie... we enjoyed eating popcorn and watching Wall-e. That evening their Uncle Daniel came over and built rockets with them that they were able to go to a park and launch the next afternoon. It was hard to tell who had more fun...Daniel or the boys.

Then Thursday we took the boys to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. They had a great time seeing all the different sharks and fish then searching through the gift shop for souvenirs with the money Grandma Lindley had given them.

Before leaving for Las vegas we had been preping Taylor for the airplane ride. Everytime we metioned the airplane he would say " I don't want to ride airplane it's too high....let's just take our van." Because I was traveling alone with three kids and we were checking bags I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to check in. So we arrived at the airport with two hours before boarding and it took us all of about 30 seconds to check our bags and get our boarding passes...then about 1 minute to walk through security. Then our flight was delayed an hour. But the boys managed to entertain themselves playing in the play area, watching planes land and take off and playing with items in their backbacks. We eventually boarded and they all loved the idea of being able to watch T.V. on the plane. Then when the plane took off I was a little nervous about Taylor.... but decided he would be fine when he turned to me and said "wheeeeeeee, let's go up again."

They plane ride home we incurred some turbulence and Ryan started getting sick about 20 minutes before we landed. I looked in all the seat pockets for a barf bag... but there weren't any. I tried fanning him and looking through our bags to see if any of us had a grocery bag... about two minutes before we landed he puked all over the floor. This poor teenage boy that was sitting next to him, reached over, started patting his back and talking to him. All I could do was smile and say thank-you.

Colby, Taylor and Ryan watching the planes while we wait for ours.

The Plane Ride to Las Vegas

Las Vegas airport

Ryan, Iris, Colby, Taylor, Koben and Grandma Scott with Wall-E

Building Rockets with Uncle Daniel

Taylor playing at Grandma's house.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mother of the Year Award (NOT)

My friend posted on her blog this morning about what a 'bad mom' she is. So in the spirit of good company I thought now is the time to share my latest 'bad mom' story. This is just one example from the long (and still going) list I have accumulated over the years.
Ryan and Colby had a great summer with coach pitch baseball and tee-ball. When I got their schedules at the begining of the year I made sure to transfer them to the calendar that hangs by my phone so that I could keep better track of the times. Well, I tought I had done a good job in the transfer and we kept busy with games monday through thursday. We spent most of our evenngs at the ball field and it quickly became a routine in our summer schedule. Then Ryan's last game came.... We had gotten into this great routine of eating first if the game was at 7:30...and going to the game and THen eating if the game was at 6:30. So as had been the majority of the summer we enjoyed dinner then rode bikes to the ball field. As we rode up to the field Ryan said " look . Mom they already started." I look at the kids on the field (Ryan's team). But then I say another team off tto the side throwing the ball back and forth.. so I said" They're probably just warming up, Get your stuff and go over with your team." I parked my bike and proceeded to look around for a place to lay our blanket out when Ryan cam running back over to me crrying, mind you, and saying the game wasn't just starting but was just ending. Me, being the bright, intelligent person Iam said " Well, It was you turn to bring drinks lets at least go give those out." He just cried more and said 'I'm going home" So I went and gave the drinks out myself... rode home alone... feeling like dirt. As we rode by a neighbors house they called at to me" Well that was a short game" I was trying to think of something clever and commical to say, but all that came out was. "yeah"
When I got home Wade suggested I take Ryan and Cloby to see Kung Fu Panda... We drowned Ryan's sorrows and my guilt in a big tub of popcorn.
Mother of the Year... I think not.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This place is becoming WAY too familar

The boys have been bugging Wade for sometime about going fishing. Wade has been procrastinating. One, because he knows what fishing really entails ( rising long before sunrise, sitting for long periods, completely quiet, with no action, IF you finally do catch something you have to then bop it on the head and de gut it(I know this isn't an actual word but...) Secondly, our boys struggle to sit through sacrament meeting. Knowing that our boys love the idea of fishing and not wanting to disappoint he decided a great compromise would be to take them to a fish farm that is only a few miles away...where the fish are always biting and (here's the best part) when your done they will fillet and package them for you.
Since I was at home enjoying the serenity of having a couple hours to myself .... the rest of the story will be from Wade's perspective.

We had a nice relaxing weekend without much news to speak of. But we had some excitement tonight. I promised the boys that I would take them fishing down at the fish farm sometime this summer. I talked Dad into going so he could help me as I'm an idiot when it comes to fishing. We ended up getting one pole and it took about an hour for each of the boys to catch a fish. It really isn't fishing because when a small fish would come to eat the bait we would just lift the pole as we were holding our for the bigger fish. The reason it took an hour was that the fish are a little wary of that hook in the bait and they seem to be pretty familiar with the process.
Anyhow after catching 3 fish we went into the small building to pay and to watch Leland fillet the fish.It was tremendously hot in the building and also accounting for the hour we spent in the sun we were pretty hot. As we were getting ready to leave Taylor fainted on the floor. I picked him up and ran him outside. I began to panic but he did begin to cry a little bit. I ran to the truck to get the air conditioner on and Ryan and Colby mentioned there was a soda machine in front of the building. I ran with Taylor in my arms to get him a soda and he began to drink some lemonade right away. I was an idiot and set him down and he fainted again. I picked him up and he was lifeless. I screamed to Dad that I needed some help. Taylor's eyes were rolled up in his head and he was completely out of it. I ran to a shady grass area and laid him down and tried to get him to come around. He was pretty lethargic and I took his clothes off and we got some water from a near by hose and began sprinkling his body with some water. He wasn't even flinching with the cold water but he was awake. I called 911 and the operator asked if I wanted an ambulance. I froze for a second and said that I'm not sure, but was wondering if she could help me. She said she couldn't unless we wanted ans ambulance. I told her I didn't and that I may call her back. I worked on Taylor for another 10 minutes with the water and with me trying to keep him awake and attentive. Ryan and Colby were freaking out and crying but they did come around and were great help in getting me some water. Dad was giving moral support I guess. Anyhow, he came around and was drinking some lemonade so I was relieved that we were in the clear. When we got home Deanna called the hospital---since it was now after 7:00. the doctor there said it is very rare for a small child to pass out from heat and that it would be wise to get him checked out. Since he really wasn't talking much now and seemed he wanted to go to sleep I caved to Deanna's request and we took him to the ER. Mom and Dad came and stayed with Ryan and Colby. In conclusion, the ER didn't do much to him except give him a popcicle. He seems completely fine now, but I'm still a nervous wreck now that the adrenaline has worn off. Sleeping might be difficult tonight. It is a sick feeling to have a child go completely limp in your arms.
p.s. I will have to add that I teach about heat related illnesses 3 times a year in one of my advanced PE classes. So that means I've taught about heat stroke at least 36 times over the past 12 years. i should have known what to do but in reality when it comes to heat stroke I just mention, " At this point medical attention will be needed."

All I know is we've been to the emergency room more than I like and that popcicle is going to be an expensive one. And I don't think this little episode has helped Wade's opinion of fishing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We had a low-keyed and relaxing 4th. After 4 days of camping we weren't up for much more. We spent the evening in our own backyard. The boys had a great time doing sparklers and the few fireworks Wade bought. Taylor wasn't too sure about the sparklers at first. Wade lit one for him and as soon as it started going he just walked away. But once he saw how much fun Ryan and Colby were having he decided it couldn't be all bad, and joined in the fun.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Top 10 reasons to go camping

10. You get to eat smore's

#9 wading in icy cold streams

#8 You get to shoot BB guns

#7 You get to look for 'cool' rocks

#6 Hiking

#5 Getting dirty

#4 seeing your boys here instead of watching t.v.

#3 You get to drink all the soda you want

#2 Wade does the cooking

#1 I think their faces say it all